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Bird's Thumb 

poetry chapbook





Short Stories

The Heart is a Many-Roomed Palace / Arcturus*


You Are Here / Corium Magazine (forthcoming)

A Repository for All Our Hopes and Dreams / Evansville Review (forthcoming)

ChiaroscuroWyvern Lit*

Figurative Disappearances / Gone Lawn 

Let the Soft Animal of Your Body Love What it Loves / WhiskeyPaper

Memento Arbori / The Airgonaut  

Altiplano / Five on the Fifth

Survival Skills / Burnt Pine Magazine 

Synesthesia / Miracle Monocle  

You, Me, Paris / Human Parts 



Unified Theory of the SensesBreakwater Review (forthcoming)

These Nine Days / The Indianapolis Review 

How to Read Palms and Not the Same as NamelessnessDaphne 

Crimean Helmet and Lady's Capuchin Hood / Ecotone 

The Scent of Life and Death and Smoke & Mirrors and Prescience / thread

If You Jump on That Rope Swing and Paper Cranes / Calamus Journal 

We Are Not Made for Sea but for Sky The 2River View 

How to Survive Beauty (& Fragments) / Figroot Press 

Self-Portrait as Cathedral and Planar Geometry / The Mantle* 

Conscientious Daughter / TRACK//FOUR 

Aubade with Latest News and Strangelove (or, They Want You to Stop Worrying and Love the Mother of All Bombs) Rising Phoenix Review

All the Constellations I Know / Deep Valley Review 



How Does It Taste?Sundress Publications anthology (forthcoming) 

An Abridged List of Enduring Wants / Memoir Mixtapes 

Brief Encounters with Brutalist Buildings / Here Comes Everyone

Quartet / FishFood Magazine (print)

The Whole Six Yards re:asian  

A Connecticut Yankee Visits the Midwest / Stoneboat Literary Journal (print) 


Winner, Poetry Chapbook Contest (2017) / Bird's Thumb // for Matriarchetypes (announcement)

Finalist, Al-Simāk Award for Fiction (2017) / Arcturus // for The Heart is a Many-Roomed Palace (announcement)

Runner Up, Flash Fiction Contest (2017) / Wyvern Lit // for Chiaroscuro

Nominee, Pushcart Prize (2017) / by Burnt Pine Magazine // for Survival Skills

Nominee, Best Small Fictions (2017) / by Burnt Pine Magazine // for Survival Skills

Nominee, Pushcart Prize (2017) / by The Mantle // for Planar Geometry